Галавит 25 мг
  • Decreases the severity of inflammation

    at any stage of cold

  • Prevents occurrence of complications1
  • Protects against repeated colds

    caused by both viruses and bacteria

Galavit is in the TOP 3 medications
prescribed by ENT doctors2

Galavit® tablets 25 mg

Indications for use

  • frequent recurrent diseases of the respiratory tract and ENT organs of bacterial and viral etiology (frequent URI, bronchitis, pneumonia, chronic tonsillitis, chronic otitis, chronic adenoiditis) and their prevention.
  • inflammatory diseases of the oral and throat mucosa, periodontal diseases
  • chronic relapsing diseases caused by herpes virus

Dosage and administration

Sublingual 1 tablet up to 4 times per day or 2 tablets 2 times per day.

The full text is given in the instructions for use.

Упаковка Галавит
  1. Svistushkin, V.M. Potential of using immunomodulator drug Galavit in the patients with chronic tonsillitis. / V.M. Svistushkin, G.N. Nikiforova, M.V. Leonova, I.Yu. Pokosiy // Jurnal “Vrach”. – 2016 – No.8. – P. 20-25.
  2. In the group of Immunostimulants L03A. According to OOO «Synovate COMCON», spring 2015

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