Галавит 100 мг
  • Reduces the severity and duration of the inflammatory process1
  • It is used in both acute and chronic periods
  • Reduces the risk of repeated exacerbation and chronication2

Galavit is in the TOP-3 medications prescribed by gynecologists and urologists3

The prescription drug.

Indications for use:

  • infectious and inflammatory genitourinary diseases (urethritis of chlamydial and trychomonal etiology, chlamydial prostatitis, acute and chronic adnexitis, endometritis);
  • chronic recurring herpes virus diseases;
  • papilloma virus diseases;
  • pelvic pyoinflammatory diseases;
  • postoperative rehabilitation after uterine fibroid surgery;
  • postoperative complications in females with childbearing potential;
  • postoperative purulent and septic complications and their prevention (including in oncological patients);
  • chronic recurring furunculosis, rose.

Method of administration and dosage:

Intramuscular. The medicine is diluted in 2 ml of water for injection or sodium chloride 0.9% solution prior to injection. Methods of administration, dosing and treatment duration are selected by a doctor based on a diagnosis, severity of a disorder and patient’s age. The full text is provided in the instruction for use.
Упаковка Галавит

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Indications for use

  • Infectious and inflammatory urogenital diseases (urethritis of chlamydial and Trichomonas etiology, chlamydial prostatitis, acute and chronic salpingoophoritis, endometritis)
  • chronic recurrent diseases caused by the herpes virus
  • diseases caused by the papilloma virus
  • purulent-inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs
  • postoperative rehabilitation of patients with uterine fibroids
  • postoperative complications in women of reproductive age

Dosage and administration

Per rectum. The suppository is released from the contour packaging and then inserted into the rectum. Previously, it is recommended to release the intestines. The dose and duration of drug administration depends on the nature, severity and duration of the disease.

The full text is given in the instructions for use.

Упаковка Галавит
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